“They Live” at Inkonst, Malmö Sweden

29. april @ Inkonst, Malmö

A performance lecture about Milan Marković and Maja Pelević short but spectacular political career in Serbia.

Serbian playwrights and dramaturgs Milan Marković and Maja Pelević recently enrolled in nine political parties in Serbia and were soon invited by many to become members of their boards. They sent to the party leaders a text/programme of cultural policy and political marketing entitled Idea, Strategy, Movement [Ideja, strategija, pokret]. The text received all but excellent reactions in the party seats. For their programme, Pelević and Marković have used the 1928 text of the German Nazi politician Joseph Goebbels Knowledge and Propaganda, in which they had changed just three words: “propaganda” was replaced by “political marketing”; “National Socialism” became “democracy, socialism, or liberal democracy” – depending on the party’s orientation; while “Hitler” was changed into the name of the particular party leader.

The live (a title they’ve borrowed from John Carpenter’s science fiction movie from 1988, about a group of aliens who try to take over the world by disguising themselves as Young Republicans) is the story about their short but spectacular political career.

Maja Pelević is a playwright, dramaturg and PhD in Theory of Arts and Media at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Her plays have been translated into several foreign languages and have been staged in Serbia, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Russia.

Milan Marković is a playwright and dramaturg, born in Belgrade and lives in Malmö since 2013. His plays have been staged in Serbia and England and published in English, German and Slovenian and Serbian languages.

Concept and performed by: Milan Marković, Maja Pelević | Producer: Tina Dobnik | Post- production: Maska

map: http://goo.gl/T5HVZQ

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