2015 That Disgusting Thing Called Intimacy

a choreography of desire and rejection

Premiere February 5th 2015
Concept: Sally O’Neill and Tuva Hildebrand
Composition: Jesper Nielsen
Dramaturgical coaching: Milan Markovic Matthis

a show about identity, sexuality and image, about watching and being watched
and, of course, about feminism
it has to be about feminism
what else would two girls be talking about?


From conversations on a commuting train as teenagers, Sally and Tuva moved through studies of performing arts, to now ten years later creating their first piece together through a residency at Generale Oost.
The performance was created in collaboration with dramaturg Milan Markovic Matthis and composer Jesper Nielsen.

Sally O’Neill grew up in Sweden. She has studied contemporary dance at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and is now in her fourth and last year at the dancer/maker program of ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten (Arnhem). She collaborates with artists from different disciplines and has been an artist-in-residence at Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory in Yerevan and GlogauAIR in Berlin last autumn. http://sallymoneill.weebly.com

Tuva Hildebrand is a Swedish performer and maker in the field of theatre, dance and video installation. She has presented her own work since 2007, with her first full-length dance theatre piece L’Intacte premiering in Sweden and Belgrade in 2009. She studied at Neighbourhood Playhouse School of the Theatre (NY), Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds), and currently lives and works in New York. http://tuvahildebrand.com