2015 Speaking About The Ghost

Artistic direction Alexandre Achour
Artistic Collaboration Sasa Asentić, Heike Bröckerhoff
Collaboration on the concept and dramaturgy Ana Vujanović
Texts written by Sasa Asentić, Heike Bröckerhoff, Milan Marković, Helen Schröder, Ana Vujanović
Excerpts from the poem of Emily Hoffman
Performers Sasa Asentić, Verena Brakonier, Helen Schröder
Production K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg
Supported by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung

19/20/21 of March
K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg Kampnagel

You come into a room, you feel that something is going on here but you’re not completely sure… Still, everyone behaves exactly as you thought they would. They act to be a perfect audience. A person next to you gives you a smile. You sit down and wait for the performance to start. «Speaking about the ghost», hm? You think. You feel the beginning coming, your body as if haunted, recalls images that you don’t recognize. Ghosts! you think. It’s the dead monster, the long forgotten participation-that-mattered…You look down at your hands, you’re still the same, nothing changed. Someone is laughing. It takes you by surprise… Ah right, you are not alone here.
With the performance and the artistic research, Alexandre Achour and his collaborators examine different performances throughout the 20th century, which used participatory means to transform the role, position or experience of the spectator and which were critical towards their social and cultural contexts.


Tickets at Kampnagel box office 040 / 270 949 – 49