Mi smo novi punk

tekst za program predstave „Alarmi!“, po tekstu Emanuela Aldrovandija, režija Nina Ramšak, premijera 17. maj 2019. SLG Celje Goebbels kept telling his film people: „Don’t come to me with political material“ because all political films have turned out so dreadfully. He even banned the Horst Wessel film and „Hitlerjunge Quex“ and all these political films Read more about Mi smo novi punk[…]

O radoznalosti

In the absence of relationship with God, all curiosity is sin U današnjem ciničnom svetu, prva asocijacija kada razmišljamo o radoznalosti je verovatno naivnost deteta, neke odrasle osobe sa teškoćama u razvoju ili druge osobe koja još uvek nije savim razvila društvene sposobnosti. Razlog za to je verovatno što radoznalost podrazumeva da postoje stvari koje Read more about O radoznalosti[…]

Stuart Hall: Gramsci and Us (1987)

This is not a comprehensive exposition of the ideas of Antonio Gramsci, nor a systematic account of the political situation in Britain today. It is an attempt to ‘think aloud’ about some of the perplexing dilemmas facing the Left, in the light of – from the perspective of – Gramsci’s work. I do not claim that, in any simple way, Gramsci ‘has the answers’ or ‘holds the key’ to our present troubles. I do believe that we must ‘think’ our problems in a Gramscian way – which is different. We mustn’t use Gramsci (as we have for so long abused Marx) like an Old Testament prophet who, at the correct moment, will offer us the consoling and appropriate quotation. We can’t pluck up this ‘Sardinian’ from his specific and unique political formation, beam him down at the end of the 20th century, and ask him to solve our problems for us: especially since the whole thrust of his thinking was to refuse this easy transfer of generalisations from one conjuncture, nation or epoch to another. […]